Lubrocia Co.

Seamless Tech

Lubrosia Co. was born out of the frustration of missing out on paid opportunities because the systems were not setup properly. Our expert team has mastered the art of finding out what an owner needs and wants in their business so no matter what is going on in, they are consistently bringing in profit. With dozens of business tools and systems releasing monthly, we understand how confusing it can be for business owners. Let us help you clarify your needs and automate your entire virtual office!

Michigan born, Florida living now, Went to college for fashion design, background in graphic design, a self taught techie.

Alana Nelson

Team Members

Esai White BG

Esai Arasi

Tech Virtual Assistant
Conversion Copywriter and Tech VA from India, I can help you create content that converts your audience into leads, and leads into customers through a series of micro-conversions. From Website and social media posts, to emails, I can help you create content that frees you up to do high level tasks in your business. I am trained by Ry Shwartz, who writes Amy Porterfield's emails and landing pages, in Copy School. I regularly upgrade my skills and am currently enrolled to two different courses to keep my skills up to date.

Kitz Dela Cruz

Tech Virtual Assistant
A web developer and a Tech VA from the Philippines. I can help you optimize and monitor your websites. I help you to configure your assets from domains, email, servers, and websites to integrate with social platforms, email delivery services, web tracking to search engine optimization.